New Lifestyle Weight Loss Plan Success Stories

In reviewing our success stories and testimonials, please keep in mind that while a small percentage of users might experience dramatic weight loss in a short period of time, weight loss can't be guaranteed for all.

Suzanne S.

This diet has changed my life. It’s changed my LIFESTYLE. That’s what people need to understand in the beginning. ANY diet can fail, but if you change your LIFESTYLE then you have a whole new life!

I was 260 pounds and at 5’8” and 35 years old, I could no longer say that I “carried the weight well. In fact, I was miserable. I lived a half-life existence. My body couldn’t do the things I wanted to do and I had become used to sitting on the side lines of life. I had forgotten what it was like to be comfortable when crossing my legs, driving my car, standing in my classroom and teaching, or even sleeping. I loved the “me” inside, but I did NOT enjoy my life. I wanted to change so badly, but having tried and failed at other diets in the past, I had simply come to a point in my life that I believed I would NEVER be thin again. Until one day...

I was sitting in my easy chair reading a magazine and my eyes focused on a page that talked about a modified liquid diet that was not New Lifestyle. For me, it was rigid enough that it offered very few choices or ways to “cheat.” Starting out, I began the program and also began working out at a women’s health club. I MADE myself drink the shakes, drink the water, eat my nightly meal, and EXERCISE! But, I didn’t like the “soy” taste of the products. As a member of the Liquid Diet Discussion Board, I was constantly hearing that the New Lifestyle products were FABULOUS tasting! So, I ordered a shipment and tried them. Wow!!! That night, I threw out every packet of my “soy” tasting products and begin drinking the New Lifestyle Shakes!

Continuing to lose the weight and workout out, I decided that it was time to switch over to working out at a real athletic club. I even got a personal trainer! I began to feel stronger and I realized that I was the most fit that I had been in my entire life. I continued to lose weight every week and was proud of myself and felt WONDERFUL! I was now beginning to experience life as I was made to experience it! To me, it felt like the “volume” of my life had been turned up to the top!

As a teacher, I would sit in the lunch room each day as others ate. And, it wasn’t difficult because I knew that I was doing something wonderful for myself! The products tasted great and the biggie was that IT BECAME A HABIT.

I now weigh 165 pounds and have lost a total of 101 pounds! In only 9 months!!!! That’s how fast the weight came off and your life can change just like mine!!! A WHOLE NEW LIFE IN ONLY NINE MONTHS!!! It’s amazing, but you can form a good or bad habit in only 30 days. So, give yourself 30 days and you’ll see a HUGE change in your life. This diet works!!! It changed my life….NO KIDDING!!!

My slogan is this: NEVER GOING BACK!

Honestly, this diet was the easy part. It’s the maintenance and making healthy choices that is the hard part…but, I’m doing it!! And, you can too!!!

- Suzanne S.

Elsa W.

At 350 pounds I lived my life in a box. Every pound I gained sealed off more of my life. I'd always been overweight so I never knew what it was like to live life as an average sized person. I knew there had to be more to life than simply existing. But at such a high weight existing was all I was doing. I was outgrowing the largest size Lane Bryant had to offer, couldn't do anything with my family, popped antacids like candy, I lived in fear of public ridicule and I just hurt--emotionally and physically.

Worst of all, my husband and children were witnessing this. I was modeling an unhealthy lifestyle. It's bad enough to be in a bad place, it's worse to take my family with me. My weight was sealing off parts of their lives as well. There were so many things that I talked them out of simply because my size prevented me from joining them or I was afraid of embarassing them. I saw my husband and daughter duplicating my eating habits. Something had to change, for all our sakes.

I lost the first 30 pounds on Atkins, but it stopped working for me. Depressed, I ran to my Dr. and begged for the gastric bypass surgery. He told me about liquid dieting. I tried another product but it tasted horrible and the cost was prohibitive. After a bit of web surfing I stumbled upon the Liquid Diet Discussion Board. I was so impressed with the support that the members gave each other that I soon began the New Lifestyle Diet.

The New Lifestyle Diet products taste great and are much more affordable than other programs. Everyone on the LDDB is like family; helping eachother through the ups and downs. I just can't say enough about the customer service. This program had everything I needed to start living! I have lost 142 pounds and I'm a new woman on the inside as well as the outside!

Even greater than the physical change is the change that happened on the inside. Once I stepped away from food I was able to work on my issues with food. I no longer suffer from depression or a low self esteem. My family is eating healthier than ever before and we all have fun together. My energy level is higher than ever before and so is my confidence.

I no longer live life in a box. My life is limited only by my imagination. I am changing careers and doing the things I've only ever dreamed of. I'm finally a good role model for my children. This journey, for me, is so much more than a number on the scale. It has taught me personal responsibility, patience and self love. I have forgiven myself for spending so much of my life obese, for modeling negative life habits to my children and for abusing my body. I've made lifestyle changes that will enable me to maintain my weight loss, thanks to the New Lifestyle Diet.

It's my hope that those reading this will take that first step. The New Lifestyle Diet truly is a life changing experience. It's so much more than a diet plan. It's a family that supports you and cheers you on every step of the way. I lost 142 pounds, but gained myself. Thank you New Lifestyle. I am forever grateful.

- Elsa W.

Cyndee L.

Years of overeating and not taking care of myself lead me to a life of obesity.

Over the years, I’ve dieted unsuccessfully more times than I can count. Of course, I would lose weight, but I would always put back on - plus additional 5 to 10 extra pounds. Eventually, I reached a point where I simply stopped trying and I would tell myself that I was happy being overweight and that I couldn’t do anything about it.

In 2006, I visited Yosemite and had my picture taken while wearing a pair of men’s large jean overalls, which I wore because I thought they hid how big I was. When I got home and viewed my pictures, I saw all 292 pounds of myself.

What have you done to yourself? I thought. How could I have allowed myself to become so overweight? I looked awful and my uniform and I hated the picture. I simply couldn’t look at it, so I pretended it didn’t exist. But, as time went by, I couldn’t get the picture out of my head.

It was clear to me that I was no longer ok being a “fat girl.” And, I decided that I no longer wanted to be the girl in the picture.

I enrolled online in Weight Watchers and became committed to the program. But, after five months, I was down 36 pounds. This was awful; I decided that if I was willing to work hard, I wanted better results. I then decided that perhaps weight loss surgery was the answer.

I then met with my doctor and discussed the possibilities of having gastric bypass surgery. Although I was definitely a candidate for the procedure, my doctor said that I would have to diet for a year and continue to check in with him. As a result, he would then evaluate my progress and we would then decide if surgery was the best option.

On my way home from the doctor, I broke down and cried. I am not one to cry, but I did that day. There was no way I was going to wait a year and then wait for my HMO to tell me if I had their approval. I suddenly realized that my life was being put in someone else’s hands and not mine - no thank you!

So, I wiped away my tears and I remembered a friend of mine telling me about his wife’s success on the New Lifestyle Diet program. As soon I got home, I went online and read all about the program. I discovered people just like myself that had struggles with their weight loss, but eventually found the program and succeeded. I was very excited and I placed my first order with NLD that night.

Almost a year later, I visited Yosemite again. But, this time I was dressed in hip hugger skinny jeans and looking much different. Having now created a new lifestyle, I stood at the same spot I had before and made a promise to myself that I was never going back to my former self. And, to mark the occasion, I had my picture taken again, but this time looking great and now weighing 165 pounds (down from 292).

When I got home, I decided that I had unfinished business with my doctor and I made an appointment to see him. I wanted to let him know that I was no longer interested in having weight loss surgery.

On the day of my appointment, when my doctor walked into the room, he just stood there and stared at me.

He said “Cynthia, my goodness look at you. You don’t even look like the same person who sat here a few months ago”.

We then talked about how I was doing on NLD, and after a complete checkup, my doctor actually sat down and talked to me about how much he admired my courage and the discipline it took to lose the weight without surgery. He said, it was the first time he ever had a patient lose so much weight on their own without surgery.

I started my weight loss journey weighing 292 pounds, in October 2007. When I found NLD, I weighed 237 pounds and by April of 2008, I reached my goal weight of 165 pounds. My total weight loss was 127 pounds. In fact, March of 2010, marks my 3 year anniversary of having lost 127 pounds and keeping it off successfully with The NLD maintenance program.

NLD changed my life, it gave me back my confidence and it offered me the tools and support I needed to become the person I am today. I will forever be a “NLD Girl”.

- Cyndee L.

Mary K.

August of 2007 was a turning point for me. I wasn't recognizing the person I saw in pictures, and especially not the one looking back at me in the mirror. Gone was the body I had when I got married, and in its place was an unhealthy, puffy, 220 pound, almost-50-year old woman.

I wasn't exactly sure how I got that way --- there wasn't a significant turn of events in my life that made me give up caring how I looked, but over time and having children, and not making wise food choices, I had somehow managed to gain almost 100 pounds. I was a caretaker of everyone, but I didn't take time to take care of ME.

Life had become challenging. I was always discovering I had nothing to wear that fit well, I was hot 24/7, it was difficult to get out of a chair, tough to tie my shoes and breathe at the same time, sit comfortably on an airplane, and I was always out of breath. I had begun to notice that I was the largest person in my family and amongst my closest group of friends. That was very embarrassing to me. I was tired of being the only one who was "hot" in the room or in the car. It made for several fun-loving jokes amongst my friends and family, but I was soon not laughing at the joke --- I was tired of it.

Then one day the light bulb went off. Enough was enough. I was now on medication for high blood pressure and about to start cholesterol medication -- I was NOT going to sit back and be lazy about my well-being any longer. I had to be pro-active and find a solution. I felt strong and committed so my internet search began!

Where was I to begin?? Lap band surgery? Nope, couldn't afford that. Weight Watchers? Possibly, but the point system seemed confusing to me. Then --- there it was staring back at me on the computer screen --- NEW LIFESTYLE DIET! I feverishly read everything on the site about the products, but spent the greatest amount of time reading the numerous success stories --- many brought me to tears. Everyone was so uplifting, forthcoming, helpful, funny, kind, and sincere!! I asked a few questions myself and got heartfelt answers --- I had decided this was the place for me --- I knew I could do it --- I just felt it in my heart. I placed my order with New Lifestyle and have never looked back!!!!!

The summer of 2010 marks my three-year anniversary of starting the New Lifestyle Diet and the start of changing my life. Having lost over 70 pounds, I’m pleased to say that I’m a Success Story! I’m now one of those people that I once read about. But, what excites me the most is not that I lost the weight, but that I have kept it off.

For anyone considering the New Lifestyle Program, I would just say "Do it NOW" and start the rest of your life out on the right foot. It will be probably be the wisest decision you have made in a very long time.

- Mary K.

Tom M.

Before New Lifestyle Diet, I was pretty much convinced that I wasn’t going to live any longer. But, when I started the New Lifestyle Diet, it was a breakthrough for me.

I lost 82 pounds in 5 months.

I was able to take my family to Disney World. We went to all the parks and spent 5 days just walking around and doing things that I couldn’t possibly have done before. It was a wonderful gift to be able to spend that time with my family.

In all, I lost 82 pounds, including nine inches off of my waist and two inches off my neck.

With New Lifestyle Diet, I had a chance to extend my life significantly.

- Tom M.

* Results not typical. Weight loss results will vary for each individual.